Did you understand that automotive current converters are essential parts in just about any car. Thanks to them, it is possible to connect devices in the car which can be even made for a power of 220 V. As an example, it can be a TV set, some kind of power tool, audio equipment, or something else. In this article, we will highlight how to find the right car inverter. For more references, check out: best power inverters for car

In order to understand how to select a car voltage converter, you'll need to consider the ability of the connected devices , which should be lower than the ability of the device itself, and likewise have a preliminary idea of ​​its principle of operation.


It is known that the reliability and safety of inverter operation should be ensured by special embedded systems. They protect devices from sudden overheating, overload and high input voltage.Automotive converters are connected using special clips (crocodiles) or terminals.

The key intent behind inverters would be to convert current,as well as increase or decrease voltage. We will consider only those devices that convert current from 220 V, positioned in the on-board network of an automobile or mobile home, being that they are the most used today.

How are car converters connected ? This is done quite simply. The clamps or terminals are directly linked to the vehicle's battery.If the models are low-power, then it is possible to connect through the cigarette lighter socket. This method is very convenient if you want, as an example, to connect a laptop in the car.


Knowing how to choose an inverter for your vehicle can benefit greatly. In the end, the device is universal and very essential for the modern motorist.

And before you buy it, there is something to learn. First,you'll need to know what the device is and how it works. As stated above, a top quality converter should be endowed with special protection against short circuits and network overloads. Some models are even designed with a particular sound signal that turns on once the battery voltage drops.

Secondly, when choosing an auto inverter, you need to be extremely careful. It's necessary to ensure the load of the device to get in touch does not exceed the ability of the inverter. If the master plans to utilize electrical devices with various indicators, then it is advised to choose a converter made for the device with the greatest power.

It can be recommended to keep in mind that any auto-inverter draws current based on the load from the devices linked to it. To determine the current consumption, a particular calculation formula has been invented. It's necessary to add another 15% to the load power and divide by the supply voltage of the inverter, that's, 12 V. As a result, we shall get the consumption current from the battery.


The simplest of are 150 watt converters. They are good for connecting laptops and other similar devices. As stated above, you can connect them through the car's cigarette lighter socket. Such an inverter may even handle two laptop computers and a cell phone charger.

The device has a specially built-in sound signal that turns on automatically once the battery is low or once the connected device is high voltage. Also, the inverter is reliably protected from overloads, short circuits. It's both thermal protection and a USB port. But nevertheless, this type of device is not suitable for those motorists who often carry on long journeys. And if you want to add something stronger? A 150-watt voltage converter is not made for such work.